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How to Tell When It's Ripe

Many fruits and vegetables are in season now. It's often possible to score bargains at a farmer's market or truck stand. Of course, if you're growing your own food, you need to decide when to pick it! But how do you tell which fruits and vegetables are at their peak? Here are some tips...

Choosing Fruit That's Truly Ripe -- general principles
How to Tell If Your Fruit Is Ripe -- several species in detail
Have you ever wondered how to tell if fruit is ripe? -- many species briefly, plus list of which ones keep ripening after harvest
How to Tell If Fruit Is Ripe -- a Whole Foods video tutorial
When to Harvest Fruit -- advice on timing by month; advice on characteristics by species

When to Harvest Vegetables -- many species in a chart showing "too early," "optimum," and "too late"
How to Tell If Vegetables Are Ripe -- several subcategories of tips
Picking Desert Garden Vegetables -- special advice for southwestern crops & climate

Spring and Summer Fruits & Veggies -- multiple species, brief clues to ripeness
Fall and Winter Fruits and Vegetables -- multiple species, brief clues to ripeness

What are some of your favorite tips?

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