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magicgarden's Journal

The Magic Garden
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This is a community about working magic in the garden. It is intended mainly for pagans who love to grow plants, but I'm hoping it will attract people with a wide variety of interests and backgrounds.

If you've ever wondered what herb (or plant) is best used for what magical purpose and why, then this is a great place for you. If you can't find a specific plant you need, the people here might be able to help or suggest a good substitute.

The rules here are few and simple:

1: LJ-cut if your post is long or if it has a big picture.

2: Be nice to each other!! At least don't be outright mean. If I feel that you are driving other people away with your rudeness, I will ban you and send an apology letter to any people who left because of you.

3: No material is permitted that violates the LiveJournal Terms of Service. Obviously you knew that, but I just wanted to be sure.

4: Try to stay relatively on topic, but anything even remotely related to plants, magick, nature or spirituality is okay.

5: Meet new people and Have Fun!!!

Warning: I realize that many plants traditionally used for magic contain drugs or harmful toxics which are illegal in many areas. This group is not intended to promote the growth or use of such plants. I hope that this won't become an issue. If you choose to post about such plants, make it an informative post for the purposes of education only. Do not offer to buy, sell or trade anything illegal through my community!! I don't want my account to be suspended because some of you choose to ignore the law.