Loaded On Wrong and Further From Right (fallingtofade) wrote in magicgarden,
Loaded On Wrong and Further From Right

The Scent of Sage Part 2!

Hello all!

I posted a couple of weeks ago in regard to the distinct smell of burning sage in my apartment and inquired as to what it could mean. I got some very good advice about needing to realign some things in my life which I took.

A couple of months ago I had an abscessed tooth and had to go to to an emergency dentist to have checked out. He ended up doing a partial root canal but did not completely clear out the root. It gave me a bit of reprieve, but the day after the scent came to me my tooth pain began to come back. I ended up taking that as a sign and got that all taken care of and now I have an amazing dentist (recommended by one of my very closest pagan friends).

Anyhow, tonight the smell is back. Odd to me because the majority of the responses I got stated that it indicated a misalignment or a forewarning of sorts. It's odd because I've never felt happier and my life could not get better in this very moment. My boyfriend and I are making engagement plans, he just got a promotion, I have a good job (and health insurance) and we are just overall a more connected couple. My question then is this-- can the scent of sage also be a sign that the bad energy is leaving a certain area of our home? I cleared out some dirty laundry with my man tonight as a result of our newfound "oneness" with eachother. I've also taken other steps that I hope will benefit our relationship (which I won't go into for personal discretion reasons).

Any thoughts? Can it be a sign of a more positive cycle in our lives? Or should we be concerned that there is still more to come? We've had a hard year and I'm hoping for the former, but am prepared for bad news too. Enlightenment is key, in my mind, regardless of the content of the truth.

Thank you in advance for your advice!

{And I should mention that we've taken all the necessary steps to make sure that our doors are locked and our dogs are safe... all that jazz, in the even that it's a bad sign).

Have a great Thursday, all!
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