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Gardening with Wildlife

Gardening on a sunny spring day is a rather different experience than gardening on a cloudy day. To wit, the "neighbors" are more apparent...

Me: "Hello, corn snake."
Snake: *licksniff*
Me: "You're too close to the road. You should move."
Snake: "I'm too cold to move."
Me: "It's a nice day."
Snake: "For a mammal."
Me: *nudge with shovel* "Shoo, shoo."
Snake: "I shall bite you!"
Me: "You are a constrictor. Shoo."
Snake: "I shall bite you anyway, with my many tiny teeth!"
Me: "A little farther, if you please." *nudge, nudge"
Snake: AAAAAAA!! Get away from me, you monster! *flees into tall grass*

Me: "Ah, ladybugs!"
Ladybugs: *rustle*
Me: "You're in the way, ladies." *gentle poke with trowel*
Ladybugs: *reek in irritation*
Me: "Shoo, shoo." *carefully scrape leaves away from soil*
Ladybugs: *rustle REEK rustle REEK rustle*
Me: "Shoo, shoo ... shoo-EEE what a stench!" *shift upwind*

Me: "Hello, lawn grub."
Grub: *munch munch munch*
Me: "Better luck next life." *STOMP*

So far, I've planted 2 Russian olive trees, 2 hazelnuts, and an extra honeysuckle that got left in the bucket by mistake. If I have time later I'll put out the freebie rosebush.
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